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A-Z-I-O: So, how do you pronounce that?

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OCTOBER 01, 2006

Short "A" like in automatic, "Z" like in zebra, short "I" like in iguana and long "O" like in Ohio. (Ahh-Zee-Oh)

Still not sure?  Well, you know when you're at your grandmother's house and she makes you a big bowl of pasta with her best homemade sauce? You take a big bite and get that familiar rich flavor that no one else has ever been able to duplicate and you lean back in your chair and say AHHHHHH!  Well just add ZIO to that and you’ve got it. AZIO.

And just like your grandmothers homemade sauce, you may not be sure what she calls it.  She may call it “Her Secret Recipe”. She may have named it after some place in her native country which you have never heard of let alone pronounce.  She might even just call it red sauce. But as far as your concerned by any other name it would still be great.

That's sort of the way we feel at Azio.  If you don’t know how to pronounce it, that’s OK. We don’t care what you call us, as long as you call us OFTEN. :)



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