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    OCTOBER 10, 2009

    Come in and check out our exceptional Value Meals!

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  • Why is our most popular pizza named "Margharita?"

    OCTOBER 15, 2006

    The tomato was first introduced in Italy during the mid-sixteenth century after being discovered in the New World by Spanish explorers. Believing them to be poisonous, Neapolitans initially grew the tomato plants in their gardens solely for ornamental value.

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  • A-Z-I-O: So, how do you pronounce that?

    OCTOBER 01, 2006

    Short "A" like in automatic, "Z" like in zebra, short "I" like in iguana and long "O" like in Ohio. (Ahh-Zee-Oh)

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Great place for an Italian fix. Entrees are definitely affordable, quick and good. Nice ambiance, very casual. Read more...

Little Azio

Little Azio is a cute, affordable neighborhood pizza parlor that offers freshly made pizzas, pastas, paninis, and salads. Located in Midtown Atlanta, it makes a great lunchtime destination. Read More...

Pizza, pasta and paninis...

It sports a quick-serve concept: Order at the marble counter and take a seat with your funky postcard table-marker a la Fellini's. With both Baraonda and Fritti serving up high-end thin-crust pizzas nearby, Little Azio offers a more affordable alternative -- minus the long waits -- plus a long list of pastas and sandwiches. Read More...